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At Inland Mechanical Services Inc, we pride ourselves on our commitment to partnering with innovative, forward-thinking companies to enhance the value we bring to our clients. We recognize that the ever-evolving landscape of technology and industry practices demands dynamic solutions, and that's why we actively seek out collaborations with cutting-edge organizations. These partnerships empower us to offer our clients the latest advancements in mechanical services, ensuring that we deliver efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions that meet their evolving needs. By fostering these relationships, we position ourselves as a trusted source for innovative solutions in the mechanical services industry

Energy Project Financing

01-No Capital Needed

Financing -ONSite Utility Services

Since 1993, Onsite Utility Services Capital has been the nation’s leader in energy efficiency solutions for businesses, schools, facilities and institutions across America

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ORIGYN International- Energy As A Service.

Delivering Excellence - Pure & Simple

Making Energy Efficiency Easy

We solve energy challenges for companies, facilities and institutions across North

America. Origyn International powers organizations and institutions by providing access to the latest energy technology in a new and better way:  Through a simple savings-as-a-service model. This creates positive economic and environmental change for our clients, and is the ultimate win-win scenario.

Energy As A Service.
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Thermal Energy Storage


Thule Energy Storage

Transform Air Conditioning Load

With rising temperatures, power grids are increasingly stressed. Air conditioning is the main driver of peak demand and the most difficult load to manage. Thule Energy Storage’s behind-the-meter Ice Bear batteries offer utilities a proven way to permanently eliminate up to 95% of peak cooling load. Since 2005, over 40 utilities have been using our award-winning Ice Bears to manage their customers’ AC load without impacting comfort.

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NOSTROMO - Thermal Energy Storage

Increase the value of your building, lower carbon emissions & electricity bills, and improve your NOI with a limited offer and no upfront capital costs, pending potential financing by the Department of Energy*.

Cool your building with ICE!
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Learn How working with Inland Mechanical Services Inc. will help you reduce your energy consumption and get you closer to achiving your sustainability GOALS. 

Great Opportunities Ahead

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