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While Southern California is known for its blistering hot summers, it can get equally chilly during the fall and winter seasons. At Inland Mechanical Services, Inc., our knowledgeable Los Angeles commercial heating and furnace repair technicians have been bringing warm air to businesses throughout Orange County and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years. With a focus on long-term solutions rather than quick fixes, we can provide the top-quality service and workmanship you need to keep your employees and customers comfortable.

When you choose our experts, you can benefit from:

  • 24/7 availability for emergency services
  • Glowing recommendations from past customers
  • Competitive and upfront pricing
  • Free estimates on new units

Give our expert technicians a call at (800) 405-6012 to schedule an appointment. We can get your system back on track in no time!

Signs Your Heater is in Need of Repairs

Catching a problem with your heating system and fixing it before it can turn into a complete breakdown can save you a considerable amount of money, as well as keep your offices at a comfortable temperature without interruption. Give our team a call if you notice any of these common problems:

  • Weak or inconsistent airflow: If your heater is not producing enough warm air, you know there’s an issue. Problems with the fan, ductwork, or filter can all cause inconsistent airflow. Because there is not enough warm air going through the room, your heater is forced to work harder. If not addressed, this can cause higher energy bills or costly damage.

  • Temperature control problems: The thermostat regulates the room’s temperature, and is the most important component for a commercial heater. If it’s not working, your building won’t heat properly. A broken thermostat can affect your comfort as well as how hard your heating unit works.

  • Strange noises and odors: A commercial heater is bound to make noise and emit a musty odor when it’s first used. But these should go away and fade into the background. If you notice clanking noises constantly or strange odors, your commercial heater properly needs a repair. Issues with the belt or fan can be common causes. Have a professional look at it to ensure it works properly.

  • Electrical failures: Is your heater not working? Does it constantly turn on and off? These are all indicative of deeper electrical failures. Our trained technicians offer quality commercial heating services and repairs to ensure your business or building is comfortable all year.

  • Yellow burner flame: Your heater's burner flame is supposed to bur blue at all times. If you ever notice it burning yellow, call a professional immediately – this is a sign that it's likely leaking carbon monoxide, a highly dangerous gas.

At Inland Mechanical Services, Inc., our skilled technicians have the skills to repair, replace, and install all types of commercial heaters, including heat pumps, gas and oil furnaces, forced air systems, and boilers and hydronic systems. Unlike many other commercial HVAC companies out there, we always search for a suitable fix before recommending a full replacement. With respect for your time, budget, and place of business, we can help you restore heat to your business in a timely manner.

Helping LA County’s Businesses Stay Cozy

Whether you need repairs or preventative maintenance for your commercial HVAC system, our Los Angeles heating repair experts can handle any issue, large or small. Our friendly technicians strive to always deliver detail-oriented work and outstanding customer service and have since become the go-to team for countless businesses in the area. Most importantly, with 24/7 availability, you can rely on us to be ready and able to address your heating needs at even the most inconvenient times.

Contact us online today to schedule a commercial heating service for your business in Los Angeles or Orange County.

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