Installing Quality Duct Work

In many commercial and industrial centers, a leak in the ductwork of your HVAC system can mean hundreds of dollars of wasted energy. In the desert climate of Southern California, we know that every bit of cool air counts. This is why Inland Mechanical Services, Inc. makes a point of coming to your building before installation to design a custom duct system specific to the needs of your commercial space. Our Riverside commercial ductwork team will show you this plan beforehand, where we can transparently discuss the usability of your existing space, the energy efficiency of the duct layout, and any costs associated with specialized duct features.

Repair the Old or Install the New

Our Corona commercial HVAC technicians are highly trained, courteous professionals. By letting us inspect and analyze your current system, we will be able to suggest the best course of action for your commercial space, aiming to save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs.

Some of the many HVAC ductwork improvements we can offer include:

  • Using metal or mastic tape to seal off leaks
  • Improving efficiency of duct layout
  • Repairing crushed, flattened, or damaged ducts
  • Assessing and improving accessibility of attic crawl space

Repairing and Installing Commercial Duct Systems

A high-quality ductwork system is the key to an efficient HVAC system. Inland Mechanical Services, Inc. design and install ductwork that maximizes control over your commercial heating and cooling, catering to the specifics of your unique commercial space. If you feel that your air conditioning or heating systems are no longer operating efficiently, schedule a consultation to see how you could begin saving money and improving the comfort of your workspace today. We look forward to serving you in Riverside, Corona, or anywhere else in Southern California.

Call us at (800) 405-6012 today to request your Riverside commercial ductwork service.