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Large office buildings require powerful, reliable HVAC systems to maintain proper climate control and to keep employees and tenants comfortable. When your HVAC system fails, our Riverside commercial AC and heating service team moves quickly to restore it to working order. Inland Mechanical Services, Inc. specializes in commercial and industrial heating and AC units, offering repairs, maintenance, and other services to keep your business running efficiently.

We also provide opportunities for you to regulate your climate using automated energy management programs and zoning. We offer free estimates on new units and a free HVAC system analysis. You can count on our Corona commercial HVAC team to perform every job with an eye for excellence.

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Why Choose The Team At Inland Mechanical Services, Inc.?

With more than 20 years of experience, our Riverside heating & air conditioning team at Inland Mechanical Services, Inc. provides commercial clients with a wide range of services to maintain, repair, or install AC or heating units. We educate our customers regarding our systems as well as benefits, including potential savings. We pay strict attention to detail to provide you with the best system possible.

Commercial HVAC System Services That We Offer In Riverside, Include:

How Do Commercial HVAC Systems Work?

Commercial HVAC systems function in much the same way as a residential HVAC system does to heat and cool a property. However, there are some key differences that distinguish commercial from residential.

Differences Between Commercial & Residential HVAC Systems, Include:

  • Where the HVAC system is installed. Typically, commercial units are located on rooftops, while residential units stay on the ground usually just outside the home.
  • The intracity of the unit. More is required from commercial heating and cooling systems. For example, the temperatures throughout the building may need to vary based on the business needs. While a residential unit is only required to regulate the temperature in a single home.
  • The drainage system will vary. HVAC systems in a home usually only require one drainage pan, while an HVAC system in a business will need a more complex drainage system to remove condensation.
  • The size of the system. Commercial buildings require much larger HVAC units than a home.

We recommend consulting with a professional technician to ensure your heating and cooling needs are met. Our Riverside team will be able to evaluate your business to best determine your commercial HVAC requirements.

24/7 Availability For All Your Commercial HVAC Needs

As part of our commitment to our Southern California customers, we make ourselves available at all times, 24/7. We also offer all of our services at competitive prices. When you are tired of quick fixes and need a long-term solution, you can turn to us with confidence. Our staff is fully experienced working with multiple professionals, including engineers, owners, architects, plant managers, and contractors. These connections afford us the opportunity to deliver the highest quality products.

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