Regular Maintenance is Crucial for Commercial HVAC

Most people tend to forget about their air conditioning system until it gets hot, or until something breaks. For business owners and property managers, however, it’s vital to regularly maintain your HVAC system to prevent huge expenses down the line. A commercial HVAC specialist, such as Inland Mechanical Services, can provide annual, bi-annual, or quarterly service to keep things running smoothly.

Businesses face a number of unique HVAC challenges when compared to homeowners. For one, the cost of installing, repairing, and operating an air conditioner can be significantly higher for a large commercial building. Also, business owners have specific legal obligations in California to control the risk of heat illness.

Prevent Equipment Malfunctions

When your HVAC system is regularly serviced, your Riverside commercial AC expert can inspect all of your equipment to ensure it is working properly. They can also spot parts which are wearing down or weakening, and can replace them before they break. This will help keep your costs down, and can ensure your business’ environment is cool and comfortable at all times.

Improve Air Quality

While there aren’t currently any OSHA indoor air quality standards, it is still important to provide a safe, healthy environment for your employees and customers. During regular HVAC maintenance, your Riverside HVAC technician can inspect and clean all your ductwork and filters, which can contribute to much cleaner air in the office.

Increase Energy Efficiency

With proper maintenance, a commercial HVAC system should last a fairly long time. In that time, there may be a number of technological advancements which improve the efficiency and performance of heating and cooling systems. While you may not want to completely replace your equipment, your HVAC expert can recommend ways to make your system more energy efficient and save you money.

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At Inland Mechanical Services, we are dedicated to providing our customers with long term solutions, not quick fixes. When you set up a regular maintenance plan with our company, our Riverside HVAC experts will thoroughly inspect your system to prevent issues and improve the performance of your system.

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