How a Zoned HVAC System Can Save You Money

A zoned HVAC system, also known as a variable refrigeration system, is an extremely effective way to make your office or commercial building more energy efficient. As the name suggests, these systems work by dividing your building into different zones, which are each cooled or heated according to their current needs.

How Does a Zoned System Work?

The majority of zoned HVAC systems are identical to regular HVAC systems, but with three key additions. First, dampers will be installed within the ductwork, with at least one for each zone. These dampers can open or close the duct, depending on the current needs of the room. These dampers are controlled by a control panel, which is tied to your existing HVAC system. Lastly, there is at least one temperature controller for each zone, which helps the system determine which zones need heating or cooling.

Benefits of a Zoned System

A clear example of the advantages of a zoned HVAC system is in a building that faces due west. In the afternoon, the front rooms in this building will get very hot, while the rooms in the back of the building will stay relatively cool. In a traditional HVAC system, the air conditioner would work to cool the entire building, not just the front rooms. In a zoned system, however, the cool air will be directed only to the rooms that need it, thus requiring less time and electricity. This also helps prevent the rear rooms from getting uncomfortably cold.

Downsides of a Zoned System

If your zoned system is installed properly, there really aren’t any downsides to these systems. While there are more parts that can potentially malfunction, they are easily repaired/replaced, and this can usually be prevented through regular maintenance. The upside, however, is huge. Depending on the unique characteristics of your building, these systems can shave a huge amount off of your electric bills.

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