Preparing Your Commercial HVAC for Cooler Temperatures

As winter rolls in, it’s important to make sure your commercial HVAC unit is prepared for cold weather. By properly maintaining your system, you can save money, make your building more comfortable, and reduce your energy consumption. In this blog, our Riverside HVAC experts discuss four key ways to prepare your HVAC for the winter.

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Change Your Filters

Depending on the size of your building, and the design of your HVAC system, you should replace your filters every month as part of regular HVAC maintenance. However, it is especially important to put in new filters during the fall. This is because people tend to close the doors and windows when it gets cold, preventing fresh air from coming in.

Tune-Up Your Furnace

Here in the Inland Empire, we rarely have an opportunity to fire up the furnace during the spring and summer months. To prevent issues when it gets cold out, you should make sure to have a furnace maintenance checkup performed. Our Riverside commercial HVAC experts can inspect all parts of your furnace, and can make sure that everything is clean and fully-functional!

Clean Your Ductwork

For the best performance out of your commercial HVAC system, and to keep your air as clean as possible, it’s crucial to regularly clean your ducts. In a comprehensive duct inspection and cleaning, our Riverside commercial HVAC team can make thoroughly clean your ducts, and can also check for any damaged areas or holes which would allow heat to escape.

Make Sure Leaks are Sealed

Air leaks can ruin the efficiency of even the highest-quality HVAC system. As your building ages, seals around windows and doors can begin to break down crack, and start letting cold air in. Sealing these leaks is a relatively inexpensive way to make your commercial HVAC unit more efficient, and to make your building more comfortable.

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