Incentive Programs & Benefits

Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Riverside

At Inland Mechanical Services, Inc., we first work to save you money through maximizing the energy efficiency of your existing HVAC system. We do this by increasing insulation to minimize heat loss, fixing duct work for better air flow, or adding smart ventilation to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning. Then, we continue to provide competitive pricing for all new units and service work, seeking to make it easier for you to gain access to high-quality commercial heating AC repairs and installations.

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Once you have an operational commercial HVAC system, we help you file for the local incentive programs offered by your utility company. These programs aim to promote local energy efficiency by giving Southern California customers kickbacks, rebates, and more for quality energy use.

We help you enroll in these programs by:

  • Filling out applications to maximize savings
  • Interacting with local utility companies to stay current on their incentive program requirements
  • Advising you as to which programs save you the most money

HVAC Optimization Programs

With unique programs for HVAC systems in commercial buildings, HVAC Optimization allows you to take advantage of various benefits. All programs combined can give you an optimized HVAC system that is designed for excellent energy efficiency. The programs include maintenance, renovation, and early retirement, all designed to make sure you have new, state-of-the-art, and high-quality equipment. Learn more about the programs by clicking here.

We Prioritize Customer Education

If you think that an energy incentive program is right for your commercial space, we can help you design a system that best qualifies you for the program of your choice. Custom designed HVAC systems are your best chance at fully qualifying for these money-saving programs, and it’s our goal to make sure you have the best chance at enrollment. With a free HVAC system analysis, we can advise you as to elements of your commercial heating and cooling system which are efficiently making use of energy, and where you could reinforce your system to achieve maximum results. If you are anywhere in Southern California, including Riverside and Corona, we can help!

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