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Create an intelligent energy management system with our innovative heating and cooling solutions at Inland Mechanical Services, Inc. Our Riverside commercial AC and heating service team prioritize your savings by focusing on ways to make sure you are not losing money through poorly designed heating or cooling systems. Maximize your building’s comfort level through our automation systems. We are passionate about customer education and look forward to giving you an honest outline of your automation options, in order to save energy and promote wise use of your resources.

HVAC automation offers many benefits, including:

  • Ability to custom program each building within your commercial complex
  • Adds versatility to your heating and cooling systems
  • Interfaces with zoning programming for maximum energy efficiency
  • Quickly adjust select spaces in your commercial space without losing energy in idle rooms
  • Custom design your automation system to perfectly serve your purposes

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Free HVAC System Analysis

Contact our Riverside office today to schedule a free HVAC system analysis. During this appointment, we can review your commercial HVAC system and identify potential energy "leaks," offering innovative solutions to help save you money and maximize the efficiency of your system.

We offer access to the following energy-saving devices:

  • Variable frequency drives
  • Process field instrumentation such as temperature and pressure transmitters, flow meters, and indoor air quality monitoring
  • Control valves and actuators
  • Condition-monitoring equipment and systems
  • Pumps and motors

More Than 20 Years of Excellence Without Exception

For more than 20 years, our team at Inland Mechanical Services, Inc. has provided Riverside, Corona and all of Southern California with high-quality heating repair services, air conditioning services and repair, and unit installations. We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing long-term solutions, rather than simple quick fixes. In addition to maximizing your system's energy efficiency, we also help you gain access to incentive programs through your local utility company. These incentive programs can save you money over the long term as you earn kickbacks and rebates for your efficient energy use. We serve customers throughout Southern California.

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